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Join date: Mar 26, 2020


Be part of this journey with amazing Marta Kopaczynska. Creator of this delicious recipes, pastry chef, chocolatier, chocolate maker and founder of the PureWild Boutique. She embraced a plant-based lifestyle over 13 years ago, driven by her passion for health, the environment, and animal welfare. This journey of discovery led her to learn about the connection between food and well-being, and the positive impact a plant-based diet has on all three.

Starting with a small raw cake business in Bristol, UK, Marta later co-founded the PureWild brand in Thailand, creating chocolate bars for the local hippie community. After two years of fun and adventure, she moved on to her next challenge in the Netherlands, where her passion for creating healthy and delicious treats, while promoting sustainability and compassion, continues to grow.


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