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Image by Augustine Wong


 Power of Nature

With passion and love we believe in a healing powder of cacao. Few of the benefits are enhancing focus and concentration while enabling you to connect with your heart. It's a beautiful and powerful tool.That is why we have created this amazing chocolates. With an extra added Medicinal Mushrooms blend will help to nourish, awake your body and soul with every bite you take!

cacao beans

Carefully selected the best organic superfoods


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Cacao beans come from the Theobroma Fruit tree called 'Food of Gods'.Originated in the upper Amazon basin region such Brazil, Colombia, Peru.Fruit was used medicinally by Mayans, Olmec and Aztec civilizations.

Our favourite nuts are rich in unsaturated fats (mostly oleic acid), high in magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and E. Hazelnuts are good for your heart, help reduce the risk of cancer, and aid in muscle, skin, bone, joint and digestive health.

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Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are white, globe-shaped fungi that have been enjoyed for thousands of years by indigenous people for their ability to support overall wellness.

Can help overcome

symptoms of depression,anxiety protect against memory problems.

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Cordyceps fung has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.Scientists believe that the substances present in cordyceps may improve your immunity, prevent cardiovascular disease, help with diabetes, and exert plenty of other impressive benefits.

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In ancient Chinese medicine,it is believed that shiitake helps boost health, longevity, and improves circulation.They are a great source of B vitamins, which help support adrenal function and turn nutrients from food    into useable energy.

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Known as 'The King of Mushrooms.Native to Europe, Asia and North America.Work as adaptogens, meaning they can help your body cope with stress more efficiently and help regulate hormone levels to optimise your health.Can help improve liver function,allowing your body to flush out toxins and bacteria more efficiently.

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It's commonly known as snow fungus, snow ear, silver ear fungus, and white jelly 'Beauty Mushroom'.Tremella has been used since 200 a.d in Chinese history, and was reserved mostly for royalty or the wealthy. It can help maintain moisture in the skin,supports skin flexibility and smoothness.Promotes the body's ability to cover up blemishes, making your skin even more clear and beautiful.

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Called the 'Gift from God' the Chaga mushroom has been respected for thousands of years throughout Russia, Korea, Eastern and Northern Europe, Northern United States, North Carolina mountains and Canada.

Research has shown that it can lower inflammation while boosting immune function and physical endurance.

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Known as 'Hen of the Woods' it can be found in China, Europe and North America. Especially high in antioxidants such as ascorbic acid, tocopherols, phenolic compounds, carotenoids, and L-ergothioneine. It contains complex polysaccharides, which act as immunomodulators and possess antitumor activity. 



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