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LOVE chocolate box.There are 4 different flavours with delicious jellies or caramels inside.

Blond Gianduja with Passion Fruit & Mango Jelly

Original flavour with Berries Jelly

Orange - Cinnamon with Salted Caramel

Dark Coffee liquor

These chocolates are entirely plant based, the perfect gift for any vegan chocoholic. Made without dairy, they can also be enjoyed by those on restrictive diets .

We are using single origin pure unroasted Peruvian cacao nibs and 40% organic roasted hazelnuts that we stone grind with coconut sugar and superfoods for a min. 48h to make super creamy chocolate. All All our products are made from organic ingredients and to keep it fresh we make it in small batches .


Chocolates are hand painted so every batch my be slightly different then on the photo.


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