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Hazelnut & Chocolate Muffins

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Discover a delectable recipe that showcases our finest ingredients, readily available in our shop. What sets these muffins apart is our exceptional use of premium chocolate infused with medicinal mushrooms, introducing an extraordinary twist that transcends conventional indulgence.

Indulgent, mouth-watering, and utterly irresistible, hazelnut and chocolate muffins stand out as a match made in culinary heaven. Combining the rich, nutty flavours of hazelnuts with the decadent sweetness of chocolate, these delectable treats captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

In addition to their irresistible taste, hazelnut and chocolate muffins also offer nutritional benefits. Hazelnuts are packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They contribute a nutty flavour profile while providing a dose of nourishment. Dark chocolate, often used in these muffins, contains antioxidants and has been associated with potential health benefits, including improved heart health. This combination allows you to indulge your sweet tooth while incorporating some beneficial nutrients into your snack.


(makes 12 big pieces )





Cupcake tray

Sieve or Colander

Cooling rack


Muffin holders


  • 400g plant based milk

  • 150g coconut sugar

  • 100g melted vegan butter

  • 100g Hazelnut & Lions Mane praline paste

  • 15g vinegar

  • 8g baking powder

  • Pinch of salt


  1. Mix all ingredients in a blender until all well combined.


  • 420g flour


  • 80G Chopped 70% Dark Chocolate


  1. Begin by sifting the flour into a bowl. Ensure it's thoroughly combined.

  2. Pour the wet mixture into the bowl with the powders. Use a spatula to gently combine the ingredients until the flour is no longer visible. Avoid overmixing, as this can result in a dense texture.

  3. Add the chopped chocolate to the mixture and incorporate it evenly.

  4. Transfer the batter into a previously greased cupcake 3/4 of the way ensuring it is evenly distributed.

  5. Preheat your oven to 175°C (350°F). Place the mould or dish in the preheated oven and bake for approximately 15-25 minutes, adjusting the baking time as needed based on your oven's performance.

  6. Once baked, allow the cake to cool completely before serving. This ensures optimal texture and flavour.

  7. Decorate it with extra chocolate or drizzle some hazelnut 7 mushrooms praline paste on top with extra chopped hazelnuts.

Well-baked muffins should have a golden brown colour on the top and around the edges. The surface should appear set and spring back when lightly touched. Insert a toothpick or skewer into the centre of a muffin. If it comes out clean or with a few crumbs clinging to it, the muffins are likely done. However, if there is wet batter on the toothpick, the muffins need more time to bake.

* I used bigger cupcake tray for this recipe but if you are using normal size place a muffin holder inside for the best result

* We used Palm oil free Vegan butter from The Flower Farm but you can replace it with any other butter available in your country

* Use your favourite plant based milk.

* Coconut sugar gives an extra caramelly flavour to our muffins.




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