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Creamy Dark Chocolate

I'm excited to present you with my delicious and effortlessly crafted creamy dark chocolate recipe. This serves as an excellent foundation for any other chocolate treats you might want to explore. With just a handful of ingredients, you'll be all set to dive in and create your culinary wonders!

Creamy Dark Chocolate


  • 125g Cacao Butter

  • 75g Cacao Powder

  • 5g Your Favourite Medicinal Mushroom Powder (e.g., Reishi, Chaga, Lion's Mane)

  • 35g Cashew Nut / Almond Paste / Tahini (Choose one based on your preference and dietary needs)

  • 50-100g Agave / Maple Syrup / Coconut Nectar (Choose one based on your preference)

  • Pinch of Salt

  • Vanilla essential oil


1: Over double boiler ( brain -marie ) , melt cacao butter and nut paste until melted completely.

2: Take it out of a boiler, wipe the bowl with a clean kitchen towel and add your cacao and lucuma powder. Mix it together until all dissolved.

3: Now it's time to start your tempering process. Cool down your chocolate by stirring it until reaches 35°C, then slowly add your liquid sweetener* and essential oil if you are using any.

Mix it well with the spatula until silky consistency.

4: As soon as the temperature cools to 27-29°C, heat it back over a double boiler or use a hairdryer, stirring gently until it reaches 31-32°C.

5:Place it into a piping bag, cut the tip and pipe into your chocolate moulds . Tap it gently to remove air bubbles and place it in a fridge to set .( if you like to add an extra crunchiness to your chocolate top it up with your favourite nuts, seeds, dry fruits or leave 1/4-1/2 of your tempered chocolate and add ground nuts, mix it well and then place into piping bag or juts pour over a mould.

6: Pop them out of the mould and enjoy!

Store it in a airtight container in a cool dark place. Perfect storing temperature is 16-18°C.

  • When incorporating liquid sugar, I suggest beginning with 50-75g for a richer, darker chocolate flavour. Gradually pour it in while consistently stirring, and continue this process as needed until you achieve your desired level of sweetness.

  • For accurate temperature assessment, insert a thermometer into the center of your melted chocolate without touching the bottom of the bowl. In the absence of a thermometer, you can dab a small amount of chocolate onto your wrist; it should feel slightly cooler than your body temperature.

Chocolate Making


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