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SPECIAL SUMMER SALE Coupon Code: SUMMERSALE15 Valid until end of July! Eat sweet treats you made yourself! It’s time to go beyond box recipes and enjoy treats without sacrificing your health. We are happy to share with you our favourite summer time dessert with Mango, Passion fruit and Coconut! To make it more interesting we have added hint of ginger and lemon grass to it. Nothing says summer like tropical fruits and even better are desserts made with those fruits. Tropical fruits are any fruits produced by a tree native to the tropics. With the warm weather and abundance of rain, fruits grow in an array of beautiful, bright colours and have so much flavour, they are unlike other foods. In this Mini course you will learn *About ingredients and equipment's *Ginger Lemon Raw Cookie *Mango & Passion Fruit Coolies *Coconut Crunch *Mango & Passion Fruit Cream *Coconut Cream *White Chocolate Glaze *Assembly The Cake Take your DESSERTS to the next level! Nothing taste better then homemade cake. Enjoy this modern recipe to share with your friends and family!

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